Baby brother Chronicles

Since the gals are away in boarding school ,and insomnia is moms best friend at the moment…….let’s change the narrative by documenting a series for them on the toils and turmoils of getting little brother home.

April 2, 2018- everything in my life was perfect or in my gals words ‘purrfect’๐Ÿ˜บ. I was set for a Scandinavian cruise ship vacation later on in the year and my budgets at work were beginning to look like they really were SMART now that I was drawing closer to them.

Mid May- I discover that a storm was brewing in the name of MV Baby Yaani another offspring and shock is an understatement because that is the last thing I had on my mind.MV cruising – YES, but baby????NOooooooooo!!!Goodness gracious. I was 41 years old and just beginning to enjoy my new found freedom seeing that my daughters were now independent to a large extent. All protocols observed , I still went for the cruise and that’s the greatest thing I have done for myself this year. An absolute bucket list item for anyone who has never indulged in the same.

Fast forward- I have dealt the whirlwind of emotions and reached the acceptance stage where I no longer look at cocktails thirstily and am even looking forward to meeting this little one. Problem is that little one has decided that we must all remember his dramatic entry into this world by pausing challenges never experienced before . Granted- I also think his vision is supported by a body that has served its time and this lil man is a real sacrifice for miss old bones๐Ÿ˜ธ

In his strategy,little problem has ensured that the following tasks are no longer business as usual:

  1. God given breathing through the nostrils – real struggle, the mouth must come in to supplement
  2. Rocking normal shoes. If there is tying anything involved,FORGET
  3. Blood circulation – ensured Blood pressure remains at its highest
  4. Self appreciation in the mirror- the image I see looks like one from a horror movie

He has also ensured to bring in some weird tendencies which I cannot explain:

  • 24/7 sleep dosage
  • Omena is now a delicacy worth relishing
  • Top up the above with very cold Mala and super hot ugali ๐Ÿ’€
  • Not forgetting his fast and furious approach to life- dude wants out NOW and he is not yet 27 weeks old๐Ÿ™€

The level of self importance I’m seeing on this little one is crazy.Maya’s parents day is this weekend and what has he gone and done ?Made me an invalid….smh!

Seems this journey is gonna be long and winding. For now , let me take my jabs in peace as I gear up for more…….

Wednesday- 10th October 18 was the real roller coaster.Never seen high blood pressure like that combined with an incessant upper abdominal pain from HELL….,,, no wonder the medics suspected it was HELLP syndrome. I could not breathe, couldn’t eat, was restless and that’s the day I told God to do His will. I was drowned in medicines from here to Timbuktu- injections, steroids, pain killers, Vaso dilators, vaso constrictors, glucose , Magnesium , you name it- it was pumped into my system.

Miracles do happen indeed. After all the druggie mix them gather them that my body had gone through, the reaction was profuse sweating and alas! I was whole again, breathing normally ……by this I mean the mouth became an accessory.It felt so gooooood to take a loooonnng , deeeeeep breathe.Pressure readings at 120/74 which is superb, temperature on point and my pallets activated.What I didn’t know is that the fetus adapts to harsh conditions and my purrfect ๐Ÿ˜บ pressure reading was not the same for him because he prefers the fast and furious lane of 140/90…….. speed junkie in the making !!!Impact on the fetus then was a reduced heart rate which needed jump starting vide glucose infusion and he was right back on track.Question is- how now do we strike a balance between Mrs tortoise and Mr Hare???

Thursday 11th October – Little TJ Could not wait and was born weighing 820 grams at exactly 8.04 am. The tallest 27 weeker I have ever seen at 35inches.Quite a surprise to have him this early but a welcome surprise.

The subsequent days pass in a huff……. several emotions at play ranging from sad happiness, pleasure pain and even tearful smiles. TJ was born healthy but apparently his immune system was weak and he contracted a bacterial infection which his body tried to fight but ended up being septic. The strain of bacteria I’m advised was enterobactus and TJ was put on some very strong antibiotic regime.We prayed, cried, hoped , trusted God for his healing but the curtains fell on the evening of 22-10-2018๐Ÿ˜ข

Too many questions run through my mind:

1. Why did God entertain this? He had the option of instigating a miscarriage before 12 weeks pregnancy?Why did He have to ensure that we met TJ and loved him only to say bye within 11 days of birth?

2. How did TJ contract the bacteria? Was the hospital careless in handling my son?How comes the girls survived prematurity and he did not?

3. The level of faith we had in God for TJs healing was amazing.Mish in particular said it’s a no brainer that God is in TJ and he will be well. Shock on us, God played us and He had better be preparing the answers !

There being no answers for now , we cursed, cried some more and eventually accepted the will of God saying ‘It is Well’.

TJ we loved you for the few days you were with us, dance with the angels little guy. You will forever remain in our hearts.


Dad, Mom, sisters ๐Ÿ˜˜

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