Road Trip to Shagz

Remember how yesterday we were ecstatic about our newly found Love for staying indoors in her house c/o Wifi?

Hardly had we gotten used to unlimited browsing than we were instructed to pack our suitcases for Xmas in the village😭

Mixed feelings abound and for several reasons.Happiness is connecting with our village cousins , uncles and the entire clan. We are super excited about seeing gramps and Dani who will spoil us with healthy foods like Mala and sweet potatoes ( tummy get prepared for a cocktail and the story will be better told by the bowels). This is the time to nod to Dani’s questions and answer everything ‘Eee’ …… this time round, we must come back with at least 20 new vernacular vocabs.A clear upgrade from the current ‘Koro?’How we wish we could speak mother tongue fluently so that we can short wave kina JT and BG from time to time.😂

The downside of all this checks in and the list is endless:

  1. Dads airtime allocation which will need to be used sparingly for MBs and voice is Kes 100. In short- no storos mpaka we get back
  2. No stalking Justin Bieber 😔. Did you know that JB’s favorite food is Spaghetti and he has zero chills for really thin chics? Yeeei- we qualify but si we are many🙆🏾
  3. The chores: these transform from ordinary dish washing to cow biz, chicken licken and the oh scary cob web and spider hunts
  4. The sending sending…….Maya bring this, Tanya go and get that, Maya Tanya !- at this point the expectation is whoever is closest must respond to the call and most annoying is being sent for something that is a step away!!!

Anyway- let’s just say, we will make it fun times no matter what

Merry Xmas everyone , Be blessed

Xoxo- Maya and Tanya✌️

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