Day1- what the hell hit us

Random Tuesday morning in December 2017 and mum calls in the internet service providers and Voila, Santa is in the house in the name of Wi-fi after ages of literally begging for it……

As with all good things that come from mum, there’s a catch!!!😭She suddenly turned us into some nerds to determine which business we will pursue to ensure that the monthly rental of Kes.5000 is Assured and definitely not from her pocket

My sister and I go into Einstein mode for ideas and the Eureka moment for us is once again from mom – let’s just say that Kwachie ( as she is called by her friends) is miss perfection and an idea bin …. she even has an ideas sticker in her room- Who does that🙆🏾

To cut a long story short, here we are , writing our first blog and hoping that it will eventually pay in arrears the internet and blog expenses mum incurred as the bills remain a permanent reminder of the privileges we enjoy in her house! Since the repayment may take a lifetime , we will start off by introducing the non permanent and non pensionable residents in her house. Maya – I’m Kwachies eldest daughter , 13 years old and always reminded that I’m the head of the train. Any crookedness in my life will automatically be cut and paste to the rest of my siblings…….please note that in mums terms ,crookedness mostly refers to any thoughts of a specimen from the opposite sex😃.Boys be warned that our house is currently a no go zone !Im a sucker for music, dance and fashion

  • Tanya – I’m the second born, 12 years old and considered the geek with words spinning out of my mouth at the speed of lightning. I love reading, watching movies and music

We have a little sister who conveniently has not been tasked with the same responsibilities yet she too is online most of the time downloading cartoons. Mish is 7 years old and is the news reporter in her house. Why would any one need CCTV cameras if Mish is in the house? The other day I planned to visit my friend JCC at the nearby court and that visit remains a mirage c/o my CNN little sister who ensured that mom was well aware and that the gate was henceforth put under lock and key

This blog will mainly speak to teen fashion, experiences and a daily journal of life in her houseWe hope we will enjoy the ride together Xoxo – Maya and Tanya

Random picture of us below

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